New York Fashion Week is upon us again, and with it we see a lot of new trends emerging. The common theme this year is sustainability — all the designers seem to have that on their minds. Even though it’s not the primary focus of any one show, sustainability has inspired many concepts, innovations, and partnerships among brands this season. With so much going on in the fashion industry, it can be hard for smaller companies to find their way in such a competitive environment. That’s why we’re so excited about the partnership between innovative Dutch label Novita and Dress for Success Worldwide (DFSW) — two brands that are actively working towards a more sustainable future. They both have altruistic missions; they just needed each other to become even more effective.


DFS Worldwide and Novita’s Collab: Recycled High-Quality Textiles

DFS collaborated with Novita to re-purpose high-quality business fabrics in their collections. This was made possible by sourcing the fabrics from the Business Social Responsibility Forum's Materials Initiative, which aims to re-purpose materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills. The fabrics need to be of high quality, so the BSR Forum is working with companies to re-purpose their leftover fabrics.


Lab Grown Diamonds UK

DFS and Novita are collaborating to raise money for DFS by selling Novita jewelry with a diamond theme. The collection is made of lab grown diamonds, a concept that is becoming more popular. These diamonds are just as durable and beautiful as mined diamonds.

Dress for Success and Novita’s Collab: Donated Workplace Outfits

DFS is teaming up with Novita to create a new clothing collection. The collection will include clothes that have been re-purposed into new products like bags, shoes, jewelry, and even furniture. This collection is as sustainable as the fabrics collaboration because the fabrics will be re-purposed into a yarn made by Novita's partner company, Econyl.

Novita: Changing the Fashion Game

DFS and Novita are changing the fashion game with innovative concepts like 3D printed knitwear and conductive fibers. Novita's real-time patterning and fabric engineering process allows designers to create and iterate their designs based on customer feedback to produce high-quality fabrics that are sustainable and produced to the highest ethical standards.