It has always been a big matter of fact for diamond consumers to find out the differences between natural and man-made diamonds. Though the differences are not visible mostly, there remains some significant dissimilarity between these two.

This article will discuss the core differences that are useful for both the jewelers and consumers to know.

Inclusions or Clarity Check: One of the most identical factors of separating natural and man-made diamonds is to check the inclusions or impurities. Each diamond gem has impurities, some of them hold too much of it and others in a small amount.

Natural diamonds are grown for billions of years underneath the earth. It’s naturally common to get more inclusions or impurities in natural diamonds than man-made or lab-grown diamonds.

The inclusions are the result of erosion, corrosion, and other natural facts. But man-made diamonds are made with specific lab tests that let the impurities stay aside for a bit. However, it doesn’t detect the clarity check of the diamond entirely. Lab-grown diamonds are also real.

Style or Cut: You will not get any polished cut in natural diamonds. On the other hand, man-made diamonds have types of diamond cuts. If you want to get the most stylish diamond engagement rings, it’s better to pick lab-grown diamonds instead. They come in varieties of settings, cuts, and styles.

Colour Defines: Natural diamonds are not available in any colors you desire. They don’t get the variants since they are processed naturally. But man-made diamonds are available in different color schemes that increase their demands in the market.

Pricing: Lab-grown diamonds are always consumer-friendly because of their perfect cut, shapes, colors, and pricing. They are affordable compared to natural diamonds. You can save more than 40% from buying man-made diamond collections.

Besides, there are discounts and offers regularly in-store if you are a regular customer. Natural diamonds are rare in collections and they don’t offer discounts to people.

Overall, you can think about choosing man-made diamonds if you are short on the budget for gifting any items.