Diamonds have always been one of the most demandable gems. For centuries after centuries, people have had a passion for wearing diamond jewellery to possess vigour, love and strength. If you ask what things make diamonds so beautiful, pure and elegant, you will have your answer in this article.

If you want a straightforward answer, the 4Cs of diamonds make diamonds the most specific gem to become so elegant and real. The 4Cs are cut, clarity, colour, and carat size of diamonds.

The diamond cut is one of the most crucial parts of diamonds. If you ask what does diamond cut mean, you should know it’s the reflection you get through lights when you put it on a diamond stone. It’s the first way to check the purity of diamonds.

When people look for the best quality diamond, they test for diamond cut good vs very good. If it reflects more lights, no matter what the clarity or colour is, it indicates the diamond is pure. Besides, the beauty of diamonds relies on the diamond cut the most.

The clarity of diamonds is also essential to count. It indicates the inclusion count of diamonds when you pick them. The more inclusions you get from a diamond, the better quality diamond you can ensure. Usually, lab-grown diamonds have more minor inclusions or clarity checks than natural diamonds.

The colour of diamonds is another way to detect whether you have chosen the right deal or not. All the bright colours and ranges you get are from lab-grown diamonds, whereas the colourless diamonds are natural.

The carat size of the diamonds detects the purity of diamonds also. Even though you buy a small size of the diamond, the carat size will tell whether you have picked the pure one or not.

Overall, these are the things that make diamonds more beautiful, exceptional and elegant than other gems. When shopping for diamonds, consider checking for the 4Cs to get the best deal. It’s the only way to get a purity check of diamonds.